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SOME SUGGESTIONS for Sivota and arround

Alkyon VIllas Sivota - port



It is a small village built on a small natural bay with lots to offer. 

The centre of Sivota is a graphical marina with restaurants, bars, mini markets, bakery and groceries and only 7 minutes walk away from Alkyon Villas. The marina offers small boats that you can rent and become yourself the “captain” of your holidays taking you, your friends and family to small and amazing bays on the islands or the mainland, that can not be accessed by car. 


Sivota offers a wide variety of beaches with crystal waters, water sports and other facilities. You can choose to visit one close to Alkyon Villas (400 m the closest one, Gallikos Molos) or drive to one further.

Close to Alkyon Villas  you can also test your soccer skills by visiting the 5-a side grass court and play with your friends



is a place to visit. It is a picturesque town 30 km away from Syvota. It is nestled between lush green hills and the clear waters of the Ionian Sea. The traditional centre and the castle are worth visiting.



The Acherontas river is 25 km away from Syvota. According to mythology, Acherontas River was the road through which Hades carried the souls to his kingdom, in Cherousia Lake. Acherontas’ importance was great during antiquity when the “Necromantio” was found in the northeast shore of Acherousia, the most important place of communication with the dead and of worship of the Underworld gods.

Corfu- Paxos


The famous island of Corfu and the picturesque Paxos is close to Syvota and can be reached by car and ferry link. You will be amazed by their beauties.



is the largest city close to Syvota (24 km). It is the port that links Greece to Italy and offers all the comforts of a city. 



is one of the most beautiful towns of Greece (105 km) with the lake Pamvotis dominating the magical landscape. A trip to Ioannina will take you through the archaeological site of Dodoni (79 km), one of the oldest Greek oracles and better-preserved theatres. From Ioannina, you can also visit Zagorohoria (130 km), small villages where stone and wood prevail on the mountain of Pindos.

Alkyon VIllas Sivota - Parga
Alkyon VIllas Sivota - Ioannina
Alkyon VIllas Sivota - Corfu
Alkyon VIllas Sivota - Acherontas
Alkyon VIllas Sivota - Igoumenitsa
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